Common Questions about Club Armstrong

No, membership is exclusive to those who own or rent a home which is a part of the Armstrong Owners Corporation. This is only for a small catchment of homes within the Villawood, Armstrong Estate in Mount Duneed. Membership is not open to the public and you can not pay a casual fee to join or use the facilities. Club Armstrong is an exclusive Private Residents Facility.
Contact Quantum United. They can assist with updating your details, arranging your payments and financial matters relating to the Owners Corporation. Email: Phone: (03) 8360 8800
Unfortunately no. Classes are for registered members only. See management for specific terms.
ALL children MUST be actively supervised whilst at Club Armstrong. Children under 5 years old MUST remain within arms reach . Children under 16 MUST remain within sight. ALL children at the Club under the age of 16 MUST remain supervised. Safety is of our highest regard, so please ensure your children are safe at all times.
The Guest Policy Explained: As per the Registered Rules each household is able to bring 2 guests with them to the Club. Our facility is an "Exclusive Residents Club" for members of the Owners Corporation. We are getting busier as time goes on and we want to ensure each member of the Owners Corporation has access to the clubs amenities. Important bits: A maximum of 2 guests per house. Additional spectators are not permitted. This guest number does include children. Guests are not permitted to classes or events. Your guest MUST be signed in and out at each visit. You (the registered resident) MUST remain with your guest at all times. You (the registered resident) is responsible for your guest and their behaviour. You (the registered resident) that is bringing the guest, must be 18 years old or over to bring a guest to the club. If you are unsure, or have additional questions please contact management.
No. Children under 16 years old are not permitted into the Gym. Once your child does turn 16, and before they can access the facility unsupervised, they will need to register for access. Please contact the office to find out how.