Todays resort pool temperature is 14

Facility description

The beautiful resort pool at Club Armstrong is perfect for the family to have a play and enjoy the sunshine.

Come check it out and please make yourself aware of the rules for everyone’s safety and enjoyment.

Club management

To contact the Club Armstrong Team

Phone (03) 9037 0885

Rules of use

  1. ALL Members must be registered with Club Armstrong prior to the use of any club amenities. Please register here.
  2. The Pool & Resort Pool Amenities are open for use from 7.00am – 10:00pm, Monday – Friday 8.00am – 10.00pm Weekends + Public Holidays.
  3. Residents are not permitted to access these amenities outside of the designated hours of use.
  4. Children under the age of 16 must be **ACTIVELY SUPERVISED** by an adult at all times.
  5. The pool & resort pool amenities are intended for use by residents and/or guests only.
  6. Guests are only permitted to use the amenities if accompanied by a Club Armstrong resident.
  7. Club Armstrong residents accept full responsibility for guests, in their use of the pool & resort pool amenities.
  8. Residents must ensure their guests are fully aware of the amenities and their rules of use.
  9. Appropriate clothing & footwear must be worn at all times while using the amenities and surrounding area.
  10. No alcohol is permitted in the pool &/or resort pool.
  11. Smoking is not permitted at any time throughout the facility.
  12. No pets at any time in the pool &/or resort pool or surrounding areas.
  13. Please observe all safety signage and note the following rules apply in the pool & resort pool area;
    • – No diving
    • – No running
    • – No bombing
    • – No horseplay
    • – No glass
    • – No inflatables are permitted. However swimming aids are allowed. If unsure please check with staff.
  14. For reasons of health and safety, residents must adhere strictly to the following;
    • – All equipment is to be returned tidily to the appropriate location in the pool & resort pool and surrounding area.
    • – Residents who wish to use the pool &/or resort pool must bring a towel to dry off post use.
    • – Residents must refrain from walking through common property whilst still wet.
    • – Suitable swimwear must be worn at all times.
    • – Babies and toddlers MUST wear suitable swimwear including waterproof nappies (Swimmer Nappies) whilst using the pools.
    • – All residents must shower before entering the pool &/or resort pool.
    • – Offensive behaviour or language will not be tolerated.
    • – Excessive noise and mistreatment of equipment will not be tolerated
  15. The resident will under no circumstances use the amenities for any trade or business where they receive financial restitution.
  16. The Owners Corporation and Centre Management reserve the right to close down the pool & resort pool amenities for an extended period of time due to maintenance and/or to ensure the health & safety of all residents of the amenities.
  17. The Owners Corporation reserves the right to deny and/or limit a resident’s access at any time.
  18. Any resident in breach of these rules will be asked to vacate the amenities immediately.
  19. The Owners Corporation Committee will review the resident in breach of rules & their level of access into the pool and gym amenities.

Active supervision requires focused attention and intentional observation of children at all times. parents/guardians MUST position themselves so that they can observe the children: watching and listening at all times. This constant vigilance helps keep children safe.